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FSP80T/FSP100T/ FSP120T/ FSP140T Biomass Wood Hammer Mill with 84/108/132/144 Knives

FSP80T/FSP100T/ FSP120T/ FSP140T Biomass Wood Hammer Mill with 84/108/132/144 Knives
FSP80T/FSP100T/ FSP120T/ FSP140T

Brief of Wood Hammer Mill

This series of Wood Hammer Mill can crush all kinds of coarse fibers and lumpy materials, such as branches, bark, plant roots, wood blocks, household waste, and chemical waste. This series adopts a steel plate welding structure. The motor and the crusher rotor are installed on the same base and directly connected by couplings. The rotor is under test for dynamic balance. The feed inlet is at the top, matched with the feeding mechanism in the form of a winch conveyor and belt conveyor, and the hammer blades are symmetrical with each. The machine has a simple structure, is durable, safe and reliable, and easy to install, operate and maintain, with minimal vibration and high productivity.

Features of Hammer Mill

● Large rotor crusher, high crushing efficiency.

● Low noise, high stability.

● The bearing circulating water is cooled and can be non-stop for 24h.

● Mechanical + pneumatic conveying material, reducing the energy consumption of the fan by 50%.

● Design secondary crushing tank to improve crushing efficiency by 15-20%.



Diameter Of The Rotor

Width Of The Grinding Chamber

Speed Of The Main Shaft

Number Of Knife


Production Capacity


































FSP80T/FSP100T/ FSP120T/ FSP140T Biomass Wood Hammer Mill with 84/108/132/144 Knives Manufacturers


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Wood Hammer Mill is widely used in the field of crushing and processing solid materials in agriculture, industrial and scientific way. Biomass Hammer Machine is widely used ranging from small, medium-sized to large processing enterprises because of its simple structure, light weight and high efficiency.
Wood Hammer Machine has the characteristics of reliable work, easy maintenance, etc. In the processing, Kingwood Biomass Hammer Mill’s capacity is better than other similar products. The usage of Industrial Wood Hammer Mill also covers crushing various kinds of waste bamboo, stumps, hard wood and wood chips.

Industry Knowledge

What are the key benefits of using the FSP80T/FSP100T/ FSP120T/ FSP140T Biomass Wood Hammer Mill with 84/108/132/144 Knives?

When it comes to biomass wood hammer mills, the FSP80T, FSP100T, FSP120T, and FSP140T models are known for their exceptional performance and reliability. These machines are specifically designed to process biomass materials into smaller particles, making them ideal for various applications in the biomass industry. 
One of the primary advantages of using the FSP80T, FSP100T, FSP120T, and FSP140T Biomass Wood Hammer Mills is their exceptional efficiency. Equipped with 84, 108, 132, or 144 knives respectively, these machines can effectively reduce biomass materials into fine particles in a single pass. The high-speed rotation of the hammers combined with the precise knife configuration ensures that the material is finely shredded, increasing the overall efficiency of the milling process.
The FSP series of biomass wood hammer mills offer versatility in processing various types of biomass materials. Whether you are dealing with wood chips, sawdust, straw, corn stalks, or any other biomass feedstock, these hammer mills can handle them with ease. The different knife configurations available allow for customization based on the specific requirements of the material being processed. This versatility makes the FSP series an excellent choice for industries involved in biomass pellet production, biofuel manufacturing, animal bedding, and more.
Achieving a uniform particle size distribution is crucial in many biomass applications. The FSP80T, FSP100T, FSP120T, and FSP140T Biomass Wood Hammer Mills excel in delivering consistent particle sizes, ensuring optimal performance in downstream processes. The combination of the high-speed rotating hammers and the precise knife configuration guarantees that the output particles are uniform in size, facilitating efficient pelletizing, combustion, or further processing of the biomass material.
Energy efficiency is a key consideration in any biomass processing operation. The FSP series of biomass wood hammer mills are designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing productivity. The advanced engineering and design of these machines result in reduced power requirements, allowing you to operate the hammer mill without worrying about excessive energy costs. This makes the FSP series an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for biomass processing.

How easy is it to operate and maintain the FSP80T/FSP100T/ FSP120T/ FSP140T Biomass Wood Hammer Mill with 84/108/132/144 Knives?

The FSP Biomass Wood Hammer Mill is a state-of-the-art machine designed to efficiently and effectively process biomass wood into fine particles. With its robust construction and advanced features, this hammer mill is built to handle even the toughest wood materials. Equipped with a varying number of knives, depending on the model, it offers versatility and precision in the grinding process.
Operating the FSP Biomass Wood Hammer Mill is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. With clear instructions and intuitive controls, you'll be up and running in no time. Simply load the wood material into the feeding hopper, adjust the settings to your desired output, and let the machine do the rest. The automated feeding system ensures a consistent flow of materials, allowing for uninterrupted operation.
Keeping your FSP Biomass Wood Hammer Mill in top condition is essential for optimal performance and longevity. Fortunately, the maintenance requirements for this machine are minimal. Regular cleaning and lubrication are key to ensuring smooth operation. The accessible design of the hammer mill allows for easy access to the grinding chamber and knives, making maintenance tasks a breeze. Additionally, our comprehensive user manual provides detailed instructions on routine maintenance procedures, further simplifying the process.
At Kingwood, we prioritize safety above all else. The FSP Biomass Wood Hammer Mill is equipped with various safety features to protect both the operator and the machine. The interlocking mechanism ensures that the machine cannot be started while the chamber is open, preventing accidents. Furthermore, the robust construction and durable materials used in its manufacturing guarantee a safe and reliable operation.
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