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What are biomass pellets?

Biomass pellets are made from all living, growing organic matter. There are various sources of raw material for biomass pellets. Most pellets are mechanically processed into rods, which makes them easy to transport and store.

Biomass is a new type of energy after oil, natural gas and coal. Biomass fuel fully meets the requirements of environmental protection and is favored by the market. As a professional manufacturer of biomass pellet equipment, Kingwood's technology and equipment are widely recognized by our customers.

The advantages of biomass pellets in terms of environmental protection and reduction of environmental pollution

Compared to other fossil fuels, pellet fuels have a high calorific value and high energy efficiency. Secondly, pellet fuels are a relatively clean fuel, as they produce less secondary pollution and emit fewer harmful emissions.

The combustion of biomass pellets avoids uneven temperature control during the high temperature process and also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released during the air filtration process.

|The use of biomass pellets avoids widespread air pollution subject to oxidation, greatly protects the ecological environment around combustion and alleviates the pollution that occurs in the air that cannot be emitted.

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