The advantages of biomass pellets in terms of environmental protection and reduction of pollution

Compared to other fossil fuels, pellet fuels contain higher calorific value and better energy efficiency. Further, pellet fuels are relatively clean, as they produce less secondary pollution and fewer harmful emissions.
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30tph wood pellet mill in Chongqing, China September 30, 2021

During the epidemic, the Chongqing wood pellet project is one of the largest wood pellet mills in China. Its raw materials will mainly be wood chips and sawdust from furniture factories. The produced pellets are sent to industrial boilers around Chongqing. Kingwood provides the customer with the machine, while other processes are designed by the customer.

30tph wood pellet mill in Chongqing, China September 30, 2021
Installation of 24tph wood pellet production line completed 29 June, 2021

AVP Group, Asia's largest power company and the world's leading producer and supplier of sustainable biomass, invested a further US$10 million in a 24tph wood pellet plant in central Vietnam.

Kingwood, a major supplier of wood pellet machinery, was awarded the tender by AVP Group in late 2020. After almost 9 months of hard work, Kingwood completed the installation in June 2021. During the time of the epidemic, Kingwood's engineers faced more than their fair share of difficulties from the outset. However, our team also received high praise from AVP Group for completing this installation under such difficult circumstances.

Installation of 24tph wood pellet production line completed 29 June, 2021
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Kingwood has IS09000 and IS014000 systems and is CE certified. The company has a research and development team of more than 30 people. Its self-developed pellet mills JWZL-420 and JWZL-688 have been awarded invention patents in China. Kingwood is not only the Research Base of Nanjing Agricultural University Consortium in China and the Experimental Base for Clean and Renewable Energy Research in Nanjing, China but has also been awarded the top ten brands of biomass/feed forming equipment in China and the Gold Award for comprehensive utilization of straw in the feed and biomass industry.
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Kingwood has always focused on the production and quality improvement. To achieve high quality to meet high requirements, Kingwood strictly controls each production step, not only from the procurement of raw materials, machining of spare parts, and welding but also from assembly to delivery of the finished product. In the critical production process, Kingwood strictly enforces all quality controls.
Advanced Production Equipment
At present, Kingwood has large CNC machining centers, hobbing machines, boring machines, lathes, drilling machines, and other processing equipment. The company is equipped with a variety of advanced testing equipment, which is operated to precisely control every work of the equipment, sampling or fully testing finished and semi-finished products, thus eliminating unqualified products in production promptly, ensuring that product quality meets customer requirements and providing a lot of effective data for the company's continuous development research.
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Kingwood Wood Pellet Machine can be widely used in the recycling of waste raw materials such as wood, straw, sawdust and wood chips. The production cost of Kingwood Wood Pellet Mill is relatively low and has good economic benefits. For our clients, Kingwood Biomass Machinery has more investment value.

Every year, a large amount of crop straw, wood chips and other wastes are piled up in the fields, causing both environmental pollution and affecting agricultural production. Therefore, as a leading Biomass Machinery Supplier, we kindly suggest that it is especially important to develop a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly biomass forming fuel.
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