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Wood Pellet Line
Our Kingwood is proud of Customized Biomass Pellet Production Line we provide. Among the biomass pellet lines, wood is the most widely used raw material. The raw materials of this type are first processed by the front-end process of crushing, drying and screening. And, then they are pelleted, cooled, packed and finally made into finished biomass pellets through biomass pellet machines, balers and other equipment.
One biomass/wood pellet production line contains several sections. They are chipping (crushing), fine grinding, drying, pelletizing, passing through the silo, cooling and packaging.
According to the characteristics of our client's raw materials, the whole biomass/wood pellet production line is in a targeted manner, with optimized equipment selection and a compact layout. Also, all equipment is in line with a high degree of automation, low labor costs, and safe-and-reliable dust removal in the processing plant. We offer a highly customized production line service to our customers, so if you have a specific need, please feel free to contact us via the contact form on our website for the best services. Thank you for your understanding.

Customized Fuel Pellet Production Line

As a Wood Pellet Production Line Supplier, we are glad to see the performance of the production line is improving continuously. We are honored to improve ourselves in this process to ensure that the quality of the Biomass Pellet Production Line will not decline. Fuel Pellet Production Line is our enterprise after years of practice summed up a set of experienced machinery and equipment production process technology. The pellet production line represents advanced equipment production technology that we have as a professional China Wood Pellet Production Line Manufacturer. The production line is mainly used in forestry and part of the processing of agricultural waste, to help a green future.
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