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Biomass Wood Crusher can process a wide range of raw materials. It can process various kinds of small-diameter timber, board bark, slats, round wood core, etc. It can also process non-wood raw materials such as bulk straws, cotton firewood, reeds, etc., with a wide range of applications. This machine adopts chain plate type intelligent feeding, which can automatically adjust the feeding speed according to the load of the main motor. 

Kingwood is a powerful Wood Crusher Manufacturer and Wood Crusher Factory in China.


Wood Crusher is a kind of crushing machinery. Wood Crusher’s principle is the use of high-speed rotating blades cutting and crushing materials. In the cutting and crushing process, the blades of Wood Crusher are rapidly replaced many times to achieve high-quality continuous crushing process. Wood Crusher can be applied to wood, bamboo, bagasse, cinder and other raw materials for ultra-fine powder processing.


Wood Crusher is a multi-functional special crushing equipment, which can also be configured to shredder for material processing. Wood Crusher machinery is used to crush wooden objects machinery and equipment. With the development and progress of society, all kinds of waste products are gradually taken into account. These waste items have caused a lot of pollution to our surrounding environment, if not recycled will cause serious harm to the environment.


Wood Crusher is suitable for household life and industrial production of wood materials and other brittle materials in the fine crushing operations.

Wood Crusher Industry Knowledge

What are the current market trends and demands for Wood Crushers?

Wood crushers are indispensable machines utilized in various industries for the purpose of processing wood waste. In recent years, there has been an escalating demand for wood crushers due to a multitude of factors. With mounting concerns regarding environmental sustainability, numerous industries are directing their attention toward waste reduction and the promotion of recycling. Wood crushers play a pivotal role in this endeavor by efficiently processing wood waste and transforming it into valuable commodities such as wood chips or sawdust. The demand for wood crushers has witnessed a substantial surge as an increasing number of companies strive to embrace eco-friendly practices.

The biomass energy sector has been experiencing rapid growth in recent times. Wood crushers are of utimportance in this sector as they facilitate the conversion of wood waste into biomass fuel, such as wood pellets or briquettes. Owing to the escalating demand for renewable energy sources, the market for wood crushers has expanded significantly to cater to the needs of biomass energy producers. Wood crushers empower businesses to improve the potential of their wood waste by efficiently converting it into valuable products. Through the utilization of wood crushers, companies can curtail waste, reduce production costs, and enhance overall resource management, making them an appealing investment.

Modern wood crushers incorporate innovative features such as high-speed rotors, adjustable screens, and automated control systems, thereby augmenting their performance and productivity. Consequently, numerous industries are replacing their antiquated wood crushers with advanced models, propelling the demand for newer and more efficient machines. The furniture and construction industries heavily rely on wood as a primary material. As these industries continue to expand, the demand for wood crushers also experiences a corresponding increase. Wood crushers are imperative for the processing of wood waste generated during furniture production or construction projects, thereby enabling Kingwood to effectively recycle and reuse wood materials.

What are the primary benefits and advantages of using a Wood Crusher?

Wood crushers are powerful and efficient machines that can break down wood into smaller, more manageable pieces. This offers a significant advantage in terms of productivity and efficiency. By utilizing a wood crusher, you can process large quantities of wood in a short period of time. This not only saves valuable time but also allows for faster project completion and meeting production goals. The ability to crush wood into smaller pieces streamlines operations and enhances overall efficiency.

The use of a wood crusher can result in substantial cost savings in multiple ways. Firstly, reducing the size of wood waste optimizes transportation and storage costs. Smaller wood pieces occupy less space, enabling more efficient transportation and storage. Furthermore, wood crushers automate the process of breaking down wood, eliminating the need for labor-intensive tasks and reducing labor costs. Additionally, repurposing wood waste through a wood crusher eliminates the need to purchase additional raw materials, further reducing costs.

Wood crushers offer exceptional versatility and flexibility in handling various types of wood materials. They can efficiently process logs, branches, pallets, and even whole trees. This versatility allows for utilization in diverse industries, including woodworking, biomass energy production, and paper manufacturing. With the right attachments and adjustments, the wood crusher can be customized to meet specific needs and improve performance.

Another significant benefit of using a wood crusher is the production of high-quality wood chips and mulch. Wood crushers are specifically designed to create consistent and uniform wood chips suitable for a wide range of applications. These wood chips can be utilized as fuel in biomass boilers, raw material for paper production, or as landscaping mulch. The ability to produce uniform wood chips ensures good performance in these applications, resulting in outstanding outcomes and higher-quality end products.

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