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Pellet Mill Auxiliary

Pellet Mill Bucket Elevator

The elevator is designed for continuous vertical conveying of materials and is suitable for applications where materials such as powders, granules, and small piece shapes need vertical lifting. It has a novel design, is safe and reliable, has a simple structure, is fully functional, has a good seal, has a low noise level, and is easy to install and maintain.

Pellet Mill Vibrating Screen

The vibrating screen is a new, highly efficient, and a new type of equipment with a fully enclosed screen boat. The screen has two vibrating motors for screening and grading granular feed. It is a method of passing the granulated feed through a sieve after pelleting and pressing.

Pellet Mill Product Bin

1. Suitable for pellet materials with good fluidity, three speed gravity feeding, double cylinder belt clip bag;

2. Weighing range 20-50kg, weighing accuracy ±0.2%, weighing speed 200-300 bags/hour;

3. Scale height 2204mm, gas consumption 1m³/h (pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa)

Pellet Mill Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyor is continuous transport equipment with the belt as the traction carrying mechanism. This conveyor has a general conveying angle of 30° and is suitable for conveying bulk materials in industries and sectors such as grain, feed, and biomass/wood energy.

Pellet Mill Screen

Screening, also known as a primary cylinder, has high output, low power consumption, simple structure, small location, easy maintenance, easy to install, etc. It occupies a small position, is easy to maintain, easy to install, easy to change the sieve cylinder, etc. At the same time, according to the nature of the material, matching the appropriate sieve hole, you can achieve the output requirements and separation effect.

Pellet Mill Cyclone

Carbon steel plate

U-type Material Splitting Auger

It is suitable for conveying materials over short distances and horizontal tasks by rotating the spiral blades (or paddles) to push the materials along the trough. It is common in various industries, such as wood chips, feed, chemical products, grain, etc. It is suitable for horizontal conveying of powdery, granular, and small lumpy materials, such as wood chips, corn, soybean meal, etc. The temperature of the materials is less than 200°C. It is not suitable for conveying easy-deteriorated, sticky, and lumpy materials.

Pellet Mill Cooler

The vibratory cooler is the most advanced and popular one, suitable for cooling high-temperature granules after granulation. The cooling passes through the mesh plate from the bottom to the top, so the material is gradually cooled. It avoids the disadvantages of the vertical cooler, such as the material surface cracking caused by sudden cooling and the difficulty of distributing moisture and heat from the heart of the equipment. The cooling effect is better than similar products available in China.

Pellet Mill Electric Control Cabinet

The electrical cabinets contain equipment such as analog screens, electrical components, soft starters, battery chargers, and AC counters. Our electrical cabinets are 100% quality and safety guaranteed.

Pellet Mill Auxiliary Manufacturers


Kingwood is a powerful Pellet Mill Auxiliary Manufacturer And Pellet Mill Auxiliary Supplier in China.

With the progress of science and technology, machinery manufacturing technology is also constantly developing, and global energy is gradually decreasing. Countries have improved the use of renewable energy in order to save energy and protect the environment, and the pellet mill is widely used in various fields as a green, non-polluting production process and energy utilization method. In order to downsize serious pollution to the environment, straw-like biomass pellet mill can play a good role in this regard.
With the continuous progress of industrial technology and people's awareness of environmental protection and the national research on renewable energy promotion efforts, straw-like Pellet Mill Auxiliary is more and more accepted by people because of its low cost, low pollution and other related characteristics.

Industry Knowledge

Pellet mill auxiliary equipment includes the following machines: pellet mill bucket elevator, pellet mill vibrating screen, pellet mill product bin, pellet mill belt conveyor, pellet mill screen, pellet mill cyclone, U Type distributing auger, pellet mill cooler, pellet mill electric control cabinet

What are the key functions and benefits of using a pellet mill bucket elevator?

A pellet mill bucket elevator is designed to handle large quantities of materials with ease. Its primary function is to elevate bulk materials to higher levels, making it an invaluable tool in industries such as agriculture, mining, and manufacturing. By using a pellet mill bucket elevator, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your material handling operations, reducing the need for manual labor and minimizing the risk of human error.
One of the key benefits of a pellet mill bucket elevator is its versatility. It can handle a wide range of materials, including grains, fertilizers, minerals, and even delicate products such as pharmaceuticals. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for industries that deal with diverse materials on a daily basis. Whether you need to elevate coarse materials or fragile particles, a pellet mill bucket elevator can handle the task with precision and care.
Another advantage of using a pellet mill bucket elevator is its compact design. Unlike traditional conveyor systems, which can take up a significant amount of space, a pellet mill bucket elevator offers a space-saving solution. Its vertical orientation allows for efficient use of space, making it suitable for industries with limited floor area. Additionally, the compact design ensures easy installation and maintenance, saving you time and resources.

What is the purpose of the pellet mill product bin and how does it facilitate pellet mill operations?

 In a pellet mill system, the product bin is a container or hopper-like structure where the granulated material is collected after the grinding or shredding process. It acts as a temporary storage unit for the granulated product before it is further processed or transported. The primary purpose of the pellet mill product bin is to provide a convenient and efficient way to collect and manage the granulated material. It serves as a central collection point, allowing for easy retrieval and subsequent handling of the granulated product. The product bin ensures that the granulated material is stored safely and securely, preventing any contamination or loss during the pellet mill operations. The product bin provides ample storage space, allowing for continuous pellet mill operations without the need for frequent material handling. With a larger capacity, it minimizes downtime and ensures a smooth workflow. It provides a secure and efficient way to collect, store, and manage the granulated material. By facilitating easy integration, ensuring safety, and optimizing the workflow, the product bin enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the pellet mill system. With its capacity, convenience, and compatibility, it plays a crucial role in streamlining the pellet mill operations and contributing to the success of the process.
What is the significance of the U Type distributing auger in the pellet mill system?
Wood Pellet Mills are widely used in various industries for size reduction and material processing. They are especially vital in the plastic industry, where they are used to recycle and convert plastic waste into reusable granules. The U Type distributing auger is a key component within the pellet mill system. Its primary function is to evenly distribute the material across the cutting chamber of the pellet mill. This ensures that the material is uniformly processed, resulting in consistent granule size and quality. One of the significant advantages of the U Type distributing auger is its ability to efficiently distribute the material. By evenly spreading the material across the cutting chamber, it prevents overloading or uneven feeding, which can lead to inefficient processing and product inconsistencies. The U Type design of the auger allows for smooth material flow, reducing the risk of blockages and ensuring continuous operation. Its ability to evenly distribute the material across the cutting chamber enhances cutting efficiency, prevents overloading, and results in uniform granule size and quality. By understanding the significance of the U Type distributing auger, manufacturers can optimize their pellet mill systems and achieve superior results in their production processes.
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