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Ring Die's manufacturing uses a fully automatic CNC Ring Die drilling machine. The entire Ring Die processing is fully auto and controlled, with good smoothness of the holes formed in one pass. The vacuum heat treatment technology used in the processing ensures the stability of the Ring Die. The smooth holes guarantee high production and quality of the finished pellet product. Our Ring Die has a long working life and is available in different types and hole sizes.
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Custom Rotary Blades Manufacturers


Kingwood is a powerful Custom Rotary Blades Manufacturer and Wholesale Rotary Blades Factory in China.


We provide a complete processing chain of Biomass machinery parts. Our Biomass machinery parts are complete in style, not only Pellet Mill parts, but also a variety of hammer mill, chipper, crusher parts. High quality, long-term provision of customized services for granulator accessories. Our Pellet Mill parts have been widely praised in the industry.
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