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  • Vibrating Screening Machine

    Introduction Vibrating screening machine is a new and efficient equipment with a fully-closed ship, driven by two vibrating motors. It is mainly used for screening and grading pellet feed. After pelleting, it extracts qualified pellet feed, and puts those unqualified pellets...
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  • Screening Machine (Drum Type Pre-Cleaner)

    Introduction Screening machine, also called cylinder pre-cleaner, has the features of high output, less power consumption, simple structure, small position, easy maintenance, easy to install, easy to change the screen cylinder, etc., at the same time, according to the nature...
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  • Scraper Conveyor

    Introduction Scraper conveyor is a kind of transport equipment which continuously transports bulk materials by means of moving scraper chain in a closed rectangular section shell. It is commonly used for conveying particles and powdery materials in a horizontal way, or in...
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  • Auger Conveyor

    The Auger Conveyor Introduction The auger conveyor, also known as screw conveyor, is a continuous conveyor without flexible traction components. Applied in short-distance conveying, the auger is used for short-distance conveying. It uses the rotation of spiral blades (or...
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  • Bucket Elevator

    Introduction TDTG series bucket elevator is an equipment specialized for continuous vertical conveying of materials. It is suitable for powder, particles, small pieces and other materials which in continuous vertical lifting occasions; It has novel exterior design, safe and...
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  • Skirt Belt Conveyor

    Introduction Skirt belt conveyor is used for continuous conveying of bulk materials. With wavy block and diaphragm plate conveyor, belt inclination is within the range of 0-90 °, we usually have skirt belt conveyor with belt inclination is 50 ° or 45 °. The machine is a...
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  • Belt Conveyor

    Introduction Belt conveyor is a continuous transport equipment with the belt as the traction bearing mechanism. The conveyor belt is wound through the driving drum and each reversing drum, and the appropriate tension force is given by the tension device. When working under...
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  • Sawdust Special Dryer

    Sawdust special dryer is designed for drying sawdust, small pieces of wood, wood veneer drying. It has the characteristics of large drying output, remarkable energy saving effect and low maintenance. The main working principle is: the sawdust enters the rotary cylinder by...
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  • Hydraulic Pressure Roller Assumbling Or Disassumbling Device

    Our company specializes in the production of wood pellet mill, biomass pellet mill, feed pellet mill, cooler and screening, cleaning equipment, conveyor, general elevator and other single machine; pellet machine adopts international advanced technology, which has advantages...
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  • China Horizontal Pellet Mill

    Description ◆ Available Materials : wood waste, EFB(palm fiber), straw, rice husk, bamboo, sugarcane bagasse, etc. ◆ Model : JWZL420, JWZL688 ◆ Main Power : 90kw, 200kw ◆ Capacity : 1-1.5 tons/hour;2.5-3 tons/hour; ◆ Application : Medium to large-scale pellet production. ◆...
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  • Malaysia Vertical Pellet Mill

    KINGWOOD Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill is an energy-saving type professional biomass pelletizing machine. It is mainly used for medium to large-scale pellet production. ◆ It is widely used to process wood sawdust, EFB(palm fiber), coffee husk, rice husk, straw, bamboo, peanut...
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  • 2T/H Vietnam Wood Pelletmill

    For choosing wood sawdust machine, please remember the following important points: 1. When purchasing, first of all, make sure what your raw materials are (sawdust, rice husk, straw, bamboo chips, etc.) and choose the appropriate granulator according to your raw materials. 2....
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