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We All Need Large Capacity Wood Pelletmill
Nov 07, 2018

The pelleting machine is a vertical type with no pressure roller bearing in pelleting chamber  , grease-free;Capacity:2.5-3T/H,wood pellet;

 The pellet machine can process various agricultural and forestry biomass wastes and first (coarse) processing wastes of industrial products such as corn stalk, cotton stalk, straw, rice husk, peanut shell, leaves, branches, bark, wood chips, Palm silk, mushroom waste wood chips, animal manure, biogas residue, garbage, etc. are densely processed into pellets or compacted;

##[Advantages : It is suitable for  the north straw material specially, straw pellet does not need to be finely pulverized again, it can be cut into 5-8CM length straw to enter  briquettes; or pulverize the material without fine screening directly to pelleting]# #

1) The operation is more economical; the wearing parts is  only the pressure shell and the ring die, which saves 40% of the wearing parts cost compared with the traditional pellet mill.

2) Material adaptability; Unique feeding and pressing chamber structure, suitable for general biomass (planing, crushing, wood scrap, bamboo scrap, rice husk, etc.), paper-plastic, to fiber different types, multi-purpose, which reduces the pelleting risk caused by raw material changes.

3) The pressure roller bearing is durable; the pressure roller bearing is guaranteed for 2 years, the whole machine adopts the class A precision bearing of the factory, the pressure bearing industry is the highest, the heating coefficient is small, the operation is stable, and the operation is safe 24 hours.

 4) Straw does not need fine pulverization; no power source forced feeding and large pressing chamber structure, perfect for straw-like coarse materials, straw materials do not need fine powder for easy granulation, and straw smashing cost is reduced by 50%.

5) 24-hour operation; the unique heat exchange system of the whole series is fully satisfied with continuous operation under severe conditions for 24 hours, supporting the high standard owners.

The pelleting chamber space is more than 2 time, and the material adaptability is more extensive.It can be adapted to the granulation of bulk or long fiber clogging materials (such as palm silk, eucalyptus, large shavings and complex plastics, garbage, etc.) without the need for fine pulverization of materials.

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