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US Department Of Agriculture's $100 Million Investment To Boost Biomass Energy
Jan 06, 2019

Thanks to a $100 million investment, the US biomass energy sector is gaining tremendous momentum.

The US Department of Agriculture invests this funding in a “Biomass Energy Infrastructure Partnership Program” to give users access to more renewable energy fuel options.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, a typical air pump can deliver up to 10% ethanol, which limits the amount of renewable energy that users can use to supply automotive fuel.

The new project will support the required infrastructure development and install a fuel pump that will supply a higher renewable energy mix.

Minister of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said: "The clean energy produced in the United States supports environmental protection, reduces dependence on foreign oil, creates jobs in rural areas and maintains economic development."

“With this biomass energy infrastructure cooperation project, the US Department of Agriculture is helping to ensure that infrastructure is in place to enable users to access more renewable energy fuels, open up market opportunities for farmers, and upgrade the rural economy,” Vilsack added.

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