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The Sale Of Biomass Pellet Fuel
Dec 25, 2018

Biomass pellet fuel sales is a serious problem faced by most small and medium-sized factories. How can we help small and medium-sized factories that are just starting to open up their sales and expand their production capacity? Here we Kingwood share the experience. Let's learn and progress together, and help the peers who are just starting to open the door to the sales of biomass pellets!

First, to understand what equipment can be used for biomass pellet fuel.

1. Biomass Boiler@Coal Boiler

2. Burner

3. Steam generator

4: Hot Air Furnace

5: Fireplace

6: Heating stove

Second: the sale of biomass pellet fuel

1: The most stupid and fastest way to directly contact the salesman of the above production equipment manufacturers, let them help introduce the customers who are using the above equipment, provided that the paid introduction, no benefit can not afford to be early! Or look for the relationship through the local Environmental Protection Agency, the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau to get the list of users of biomass boilers, burners, etc., and once again think that wherever the boiler is used, most of the biomass pellet fuel will be used now. What factory is using the boiler?

Such as: pharmaceutical factories, food factories, beverage factories, garment factories, chemical plants, power plants, flour mills, school bathhouses, bathing centers, washing plants, rubber factories, paper mills, etc., as long as they are used by manufacturing companies. Boiler, boiler can be used for humidification heating, as power, high temperature sterilization, etc.

2: That is to promote, recruit some network optimization or e-commerce staff, mainly high-network promotion, first out of fame, naturally, customers come to the door.

3: What should I do with self-employed individuals? Then you will find a factory with a relatively large scale, and you will be a good seller in the name of the regular army. As the saying goes, it is good to have a cool tree!

4: More contact with the better salesman in the same industry, and he has a good relationship with the price, the price will be lower, some salesmen will naturally transfer goods from you, you will treat everyone who can help you sell goods as their own Salesman, and it's free, and your sales will go up slowly!

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