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The Necessary Conditions For Pellet Machine To Successfully Pellet
Feb 06, 2018

1, the material is in demand. Before entering the pellet mill machine, the size of material is right to mill if not , it is  necessary to be pre-handled by chipping machine ,grinding machine to size about 8-10mm.

2, the material itself is necessary to have adhesive force.Since the pelleting production is high presure squeezed without any chemical additive ,so the material chosed is with large lignin that is nature glue ,such as forest waste like wood log ,branch ,furniture leftover etc .

3, the material moisture is strict demand. When you enter the bioamss pellet machine, material damage after the water is necessary to maintain in a range from 8-15%, too dry influence forming ,moisture and very simple lax, so the material moisture density will also affect  machine's output value.

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