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The Maintenance Instructions Of The Wood Pellet Machine
Feb 07, 2018

1. Regular inspection of parts, monthly, check the worm gear, worm, lubrication block bolts, bearings and other activities are flexible and wear and tear, found that defects should be repaired in time, not reluctantly used.

2. The wood pellet machine should be placed in the dry and clean indoor use, not in the atmosphere containing acids and other corrosive to the body of the gas flow of the place to use.

3. After the use of the machine or stop, you should remove the rotary drum for cleaning and brush the remaining powder, and then installed, for the next use to prepare for work.

4. If the stop time is longer, the wood pellet machine must wipe clean the whole body, the smooth surface of the parts coated with antirust oil, with a cloth hood good.

Installation Instructions

1. The Machine for the whole box, unpacking and moving to the appropriate use of the place, the cushion can be used after the flat.

2. Electrical wiring device: Should pay attention to the direction of rotation, do not reverse, because the worm at one end of the plane ball bearing, the direction of the force to be in the bearing, otherwise it will make the other end of the worm loss of heat, affecting the service life of parts.

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