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The Advantages Of Using Biomass Fuel
Dec 13, 2018

Biomass fuel can effectively reduce energy consumption and improve energy utilization structure. Biomass fuel ethanol and biodiesel can replace and partially replace gasoline and diesel for vehicles respectively, thus reducing oil consumption and oil import dependence. Biomass solid fuel such as biomass pellets can replace coal use, and biomass power generation can provide electricity and reduce the coal use of thermal power generation, both can save a lot of coal resources;The popularization and use of biogas can solve the problem of the source of living fuel, save natural gas, and even solve part of the electricity consumption.

Biomass fuel can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Biomass energy belongs to clean energy, and the content of harmful substances (sulfur and ash, etc.) in biomass energy is only about 1/10 of that of coal. At the same time, biomass energy carbon dioxide emissions and absorption constitute the natural carbon cycle, its energy utilization can achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions. Biomass mixed with coal combustion, thus significantly reducing sulfur dioxide emissions.

Biomass fuel effectively improve people's living environment and ensure their physical health.

Biomass energy mainly comes from a variety of crop straw, sugar crops, starch crops and oil crops, forestry and wood processing waste, urban and industrial organic waste, and livestock manure. And utilization of crop straw biomass solid formed fuel production, livestock production of biogas, industrial organic wastewater and other wastes production of industrial gas and power generation, can avoid the air pollution produced by the straw burning, the spread of germs, drinking water and municipal solid waste pollution, improve the living environment, to some extent, restricts the spread of bacteria, thereby ensuring residents health.

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