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Some Tips In Biomass Fuel Combustion
Mar 13, 2018

What are the issues to be aware of when applying biomass fuels to the combustion furnace?
1,  first of all should pay attention to safety, must strictly follow the  instructions for use, must confirm that the user can operate  independently before delivery. According to the data requirements, a row of fans should be added to the kitchen to eliminate indoor harmful gases.
2,  try to choose high calorific value fuel, such as wood chips, sawdust,  etc., and require the fuel to be more dry, more fine and better,  different fuel use effects are not the same. If smoke is found on the stove, it indicates that the biomass fuel is too big or too wet.
3,  when cooking, such as the gasifier continuous use for a long time, you  will find that the stove inlet white smoke, indicating that the lack of  fuel around the nozzle in the furnace, the stove can be stirred in the  middle of the biomass fuel or add Appropriate fuel can be.
Although biomass fuel is very popular and clean and environmentally  friendly, there are still some considerations in use. Therefore, before  using it, everyone must thoroughly read the instructions and summarize  the practical experience.

Biomass  has the characteristics of small bulk density, low energy density,  large space for transportation and storage, and high cost, which  severely restricts the large-scale application of biomass energy. After  compact molding, biomass can be used as a fuel instead of direct  combustion of coal. At the same time, deep processing and utilization  can also be carried out through retort carbonization technology,  liquefaction technology, gasification technology, etc., thereby solving  the problems of economical and practical use of biomass, realizing Material energy applications.

Biomass  pellet production  is usually divided into three stages: drying and  comminuting stage, pre-compression stage and forming and compression  stage. The molding and compression stage is the most important stage.  

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