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[Skills Upgrade] Kingwood Shares Organized Business And Production, After-sales Employees To Carry Out Biomass Pellet Machine Professional Skills Training
Dec 26, 2018

While completing the busy equipment order task, Kingwood Industrial Co., Ltd. took the time to organize some first-line production employees and sales department after-sales department to carry out relevant knowledge training on biomass pellet machine and production line. The technical team members analyzed various structural performance of JWZL-420, JWZL-688 biomass pellet machine, during the training process, everyone listened carefully, concentrated on taking notes, and carried out a series of big discussions, full of harvest, for the new and old customers of the company Bring a solid foundation of skills with a better and more satisfying service.




At the end of the training, everyone expressed their interest and provided a lot of help for the future work. They all expressed that they hope to have more professional skills training in the future. The training not only improves the efficiency and value of the company's output, but also benefits the company, and enhances the overall quality and ability of the employees to benefit the employees. Therefore, training is the best gift a company gives to its employees.

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