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Sawdust Fuel Pellet Machine For The Development Of New Energy Fuel Industry
Feb 07, 2018

Since our country advocated low-carbon environmental protection economy, China's sawdust pellet machine new energy environmental protection equipment market demand for a long period of time, to maintain the rapid growth in recent years, China's pellet machine industry has maintained a significant growth momentum, China's biomass pellet  machine industry has become the world's largest biomass energy equipment market, Because of the particularity of the machine itself, however, pellets in the operation of the need for a strong power to support, in the formation of particles in the process, the particle machine needs to consume a large number of power, particle machine in this respect is not in line with the state for energy-saving emission reduction requirements, particle machine on the other hand also virtually increased the production cost of particles , saving energy slowly become a new course of development of particle machine.

Sawdust fuel pellet Machine is  a new, unique, environmentally friendly way of producing material energy. At present, biomass energy in China is mainly produced by biomass, biomass gas and bio-liquid fuel. And the emergence of sawdust fuel particle machine, there is a way to produce biomass energy.

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