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The use of sawdust pellet mill machine skills
Feb 07, 2018

The use of sawdust pellet mill machine skills

  1. Operators  should be familiar with the operating instructions, familiar with the  performance of the machine, structure and use of methods of operation,  and according to the provisions of the installation and commissioning, use and maintenance.

  2. Be processed materials should be removed hard (metal) debris, so as to avoid damage to the machine, causing accidents.

  3. During processing,it is forbidden for operators to reach into the transmission part and the sawdust pelleting  chamber by hand to prevent accidents.

  4. Must always check the mold pressure roller wear, if necessary, to adjust, replace or repair.

  5. when pellet machine needs to be checked , the power should be cut off to ensure safety.

  6. Earth wire should be installated to avoid accidents .

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