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Now Biomass Pellet Also Can Be Used In Grain Drying.
Mar 02, 2018

Recently,  water conservancy agricultural department in XIYING city carried out a  testing  between biomass pellet stove hot source and diesel heating to see which one is better ,  the final results show that biomass pellets as heating can reduce about 0.1yuan/kg than diesel heat .  Next  year, Yixing City is expected to promote the application of "straw  coal" during the grain drying process on the basis of this trial. Previously,  most of Yixing City, the source of heat for food drying equipment is  coal or fuel, resulting in environmental pollution should not be  underestimated. Speeding up the reform of food drying  equipment cleaning heat source into a top is priority, the city water  conservancy machinery department through the comparative analysis of  drying costs of rice, that biomass pellet stove is more suitable for  local rice drying, not only lower cost, but also reduce environmental  pollution.


In  recent years, grain drying equipment has become an indispensable  product for many large agricultural machinery and agricultural  cooperatives. At present, the city has nearly 400 sets of various grain  drying equipment. Because  of the investment and operating costs, most of the heat sources for  food drying equipment, except for a small part of the use of gas and  electricity for drying, mainly use coal or oil, and the environmental  pollution caused by them should not be underestimated. In  order to speed up the transformation of the clean heat source of grain  drying equipment, the municipal agricultural mechanization department  organized the technical backbone and selected one location  as a test point to carry out biomass pellet hot blast stove heat  source and diesel heat source drying Comparison , and record the experimental data of dryer operation, comparative analysis of drying costs of rice. The  test results show that the biomass pellet stove is easy to operate  and the hot air temperature can be intelligently controlled, which is  suitable for the drying of local rice. Under the same conditions, for every kilogram of rice dried,  the biomass pellet heat source costs 0.1 yuan less than the diesel heat  source.

        Biomass  pellets can not only be used for grain drying equipment, fuel, there  are many uses, has been the devaluation of Kingwood biomass  clean energy! 1.  Civilian heating and domestic energy use, clean, non-polluting, easy  storage, transportation; 2. Industrial boilers and kiln fuels,  alternative coal and gas to solve environmental pollution; 3. Can be  used as gasification power generation, thermal power generation Fuel, solve the problem shut down small thermal power plant

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