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Kingwoodwould Guide You How To Choose Pressing Ration Of Biomass Pellet Mill
Mar 07, 2018

How to calculate pressing ration of biomass pellet mill ?

The  ratio of pellet mill ring mold refers to the effective working length of the ring mold and die hole diameter ratio. According to the raw material formula and product requirements to select the ring pressing ratio.


Well, according to Kingwood's previous experience , let's give a few example. Eucalyptus  compression ratio is 1: 3.7 ~ 1: 4, mahogany compression ratio is 1: 4 ~  1: 4.5, hardwood compression ratio is 1: 4.5, pine compression ratio is  1: 5 ~ 1: 6 ,  The compression ratio of poplar is 1: 6 ~ 1: 7, bamboo is 1: 4, the compression ratio of corn stalks is 1: 6  ~ 1:8,(It is regular ratio but the real is on the basis of raw material ,moisture .

Compression  ratio of different raw materials are different, the harder the raw  material compression ratio is smaller, the more bulky raw materials are ,thr larger  compression ratio, which means that the more fluffy raw materials  easier to shape, the more fluffy raw materials containing more fiber,fiber-containing materials Easy to shape, then let's talk about poplar compression ratio of 1: 6, 1 and 6, respectively, which represents what?Pellets coming  directly 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, the 1 represents the  diameter of each hole hole, if the ring hole diameter is 8mm, then the 1  represents the 8 ,  And 6 represents the effective aperture, the effective aperture is  equal to the diameter of the hole multiplied by the effective aperture  length, which is 6 * 8 = 48, that is, 8: 48.8: 48 reduced to 1: 6,1: 6 Is  the compression ratio of poplar, is the conversion, wood pellet machine  discharge depends on the ring mold compression ratio, but if the  customer for your production of wood pellet molding rate is not very  high, then you can properly reduce the compression ratio , So that both to incre


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