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KINGWOOD Shares Participated In The 2018 Guangzhou Asia Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition
Nov 08, 2018

Jiangsu Jin Wu industrial Limited by Share Ltd is a gold medal partner of Guangzhou Asia Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition for many years.

On August 16 - 18, 2018, Jinwu once again came to Yangcheng Guangzhou to share the grand industrial event with old and new friends in the industry.

Jinwu's biomass granulator is traditionally a horizontal annular granulator. Its main working principle is that the motor drives the annular die to rotate at high speed through high precision gear transmission. Two eccentric roller assemblies are arranged inside. The material enters the granulator chamber and is physically extruded into cylindrical particles with diameters ranging from 6-8-10-12 mm. Because our ring mold adopts quick release hoop type, workers are very convenient and quick to operate.

High-quality bearings are selected in the transmission part of the whole machine to ensure high efficiency, stability and low noise. Fast-release hoop type is adopted in the ring die, and forced feeding with stainless steel wind blades is adopted to ensure uniform feeding. The door cover is stainless steel. The main motor and gearbox are connected to an international advanced compensatory snake spring coupling. The structure is novel, compact, safe, low noise and low fault performance. At the same time, Jinwu stock customizes high-quality moulds for various raw materials for granulator, which prolongs the service life of your equipment, improves the product quality and reduces the consumption cost per ton.

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