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How To Store Ring Die Properly
Dec 14, 2018
  1. Oil for ring die shall be changed once half a year, because the oil will be too hard to remove which brings negative affect on the ring die.

  2. To put the ring die in a ventiliated and dry place regularly. Ring dies will be corroded no matter what is it made of. Besides, sawdust in ring die absorbs and keeps the moisture, which accelerates the corrosion, shortening the service life of the ring die and causing low-efficient production.

  3. To clean pellets inside the ring die after working. Because residue in roller and ring die will be hard to remove, and cause damages of components. 

  4. Ring die hole in the manufacturing process is drilled by high-speed gun drill with high brightness. It is necessary to make sure the drill inside is bright and clean. Besides, there is oily antiseptic mixture in the ring die hole, prolonging the service life of ring die.

  5. After one operation, oily pellets should be filled in ring die whether the pellet mill stops working or needs to change the ring die.


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