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How To Open Biomass Pellet Fuel Marketing
Mar 12, 2018

The  sale of biomass pellets is a fatal problem faced by most small and  medium-sized plants. How can we help small and medium-sized factories  that have just started to open up their sales and expand production  capacity? Facets are shared by industry-owned Yan managers to share  their own detours. , Learn to progress together and help your peers to open the door to the sale of biomass pellets!
First: We first understand what equipment can be used for biomass pellets?
1: Biomass boiler @ coal-fired boiler
2: Burner
3: Steam generator
4: hot blast stove
5: Fireplace
6: heating stove

Second: The sale of biomass pellets?
       1:  The most stupid and fastest way to directly contact the salesman of the  above production equipment manufacturers, and let him help introduce  the customers who are using the above equipment. The premise is that  there are paid introductions, and no profit can not afford! Or  find a relationship through the local environmental protection bureau,  the quality and technical supervision bureau to get a list of users such  as biomass boilers and burners. Once again, think about where most of  the boilers are used. Nowadays most of them use biomass pellets. What plant is using the boiler?
Such  as pharmaceuticals, food factories, beverage factories, garment  factories, chemical plants, power plants, flour mills, school baths,  bathing centers, washing plants, rubber factories, paper mills, etc., as  long as they are used by manufacturing companies. Boiler, boiler can be used to humidify heating, as power, high temperature sterilization, etc.
       2: That is to promote, recruit some people who understand the network  optimization or e-commerce, the main high-level network promotion and  publicity, the first name out of the natural customers to find the door
3: What about self-employed? Then you will find a factory with a relatively large scale of peers,  and rely on people's names to become a regular army to sell well.
       4:  More contacts with the industry to do a better salesman, and he play a  good relationship, the price lower salesman will naturally transfer  goods from you, you put any who can help you sell goods are considered  their own The clerk is free, and slowly your sales go up!

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