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How To Make Wood Pellet Machine Work Better
Dec 12, 2018

How to make wood pellet machine work better
The most important processing step of sawdust pelleting is pelleting process. Pelleting machine is the most critical equipment in all equipment. Whether the operation is normal and whether the operation is proper will directly affect the final quality of the product. Combined with many years of field management experience and theoretical knowledge, Jiangsu Kingwood Industrial Co., Ltd. make some conclusion.
First of all, the operation of the whole pelletizing system must be mastered. Based on years of practical experience, it is summarized as follows:
(a) The size of material to be pelleted shall be of a certain proportion: generally, the size of the sawdust shall be less than 2/3 of the diameter of the ring die hole.
(b) The purpose of tempering or adding water: a. to improve production efficiency; b. to extend the service life of ring die; c. to reduce energy costs;
(c) Moisture should be controlled at 15% ~ 18% after tempering. Under the condition of uniform moisture, the pelleting rate is higher and the density is larger.Wood pelleting machine in Kingwood is traditionally a horizontal ring die pelleting machine. The motor drives the ring die to rotate at a high speed through high-precision gear transmission. It is equipped with two eccentric pressure roller assemblies (extrusion cylinder), making sawdust into pellets of 6-8-10-12mm in diameter. The ring die is quick release hoop type, which is very works conveniently and swiftly.If you want high yield, higher efficiency, low failure rate sawdust, it is necessary to understand the equipment's "temperament and character", so as to make sawdust pellets better service for us. If you want to buy high quality sawdust pellet machine or want to know more about the technology of sawdust pelleting, please contact us. Jiangsu Kingwood Industrial Co., Ltd. provides you with various technical support and after-sales services at any time, and our official website is:

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