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How To Make The Sawdust Pelletmill Work Better?
Nov 10, 2018

How to make the sawdust machine work better is the most important problem for customers.

The most important processing step of sawdust granulator is granulation technology. The granulator is the most critical equipment in all equipment. Whether it works properly or not will directly affect the final quality of products. Combined with many years of on-site management experience and theoretical knowledge, Jiangsu Jinwu Machinery Co., Ltd. summarized and discussed how to operate the granulator correctly from many aspects for peer reference.

First, we must master the operation of the whole granulating system. Based on many years of practical experience, the following are summarized as follows:

(a) The granularity of the powder to be granulated should have a certain proportion: 2/3 of the sieve size of the general material less than the diameter of the annular die hole passes through.

(b) The purpose of conditioning or water addition: A. to improve production efficiency; B. to prolong the service life of the ring die; C. to reduce energy costs;

(c) moisture should be controlled between 15% and 18% after quenching and tempering. When the water is uniform, the molding rate is higher and the density is larger.

The quality and quality of product pellets are closely related to the technology of operators. They should produce qualified granular materials according to the changes of ambient temperature and humidity around the unit, the changes of moisture content and particle size of powder, the adjustment of formulation, equipment wear and special requirements of customers. To produce high-quality products, staff members should have comprehensive knowledge, rich experience, strong sense of responsibility, overcome various difficulties, in order to produce high-quality and efficient products.

In order to achieve higher productivity, higher efficiency and lower failure rate, we need to understand the "temperament" of the equipment, so that the sawdust granulator can better serve us. If you want to buy high-quality sawdust granulator or want to know more about the technology of sawdust granulator, you are welcome to contact us. Jinwu Stock Company is ready to provide you with various technical support and after-sales service.

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