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How To Choose Straw Briquetting Machine
Jan 08, 2019

Recent years, the comprehensive utilization of straw has been vigorously promoted by the state, and there are more and more manufacturers of straw briquettes. The quality of straw briquetting machines produced by various manufacturers is also uneven. Some manufacturers produce inferior products, which greatly affect the interests of customers. How to choose from so many brands?

First, look at the appearance: see whether the paint surface is peeling off, sometimes the equipment needs to work in wet or outdoor, rust after the paint surface peeling, it is easy to cause accidents; also depends on whether the welding place is strong and smooth.

Second, look at production capacity: According to different power, production capacity is also different, customers should combine their own use requirements, select different equipment according to different products.

Third, look at the scope of processing: Some manufacturers of straw briquetting machine processing materials are single, customers should choose equipment that can process a variety of materials.

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