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How To Choose Biomass Pellets Raw Material
Mar 09, 2018
Biomass pellets  mainly consist of sawdust, shavings, bark, sand powder, waste wood, and  twigs produced during wood processing and wood-based panel production;  straw produced after crops are harvested; other types of combustible  biomass are Raw materials are processed for  combustion, grilling, and fireplace heating. The combustion efficiency  is over 80% (more than 60% of the efficiency of common coal combustion),  and the combustion efficiency is high, and less sulfur dioxide, ammonia  nitrogen compounds and dust are produced. So, what do you need to pay attention to when selecting wood pellets?


Water requirements are strict
The moisture content of raw materials for sawdust pellet pellet is very  stringent. No matter which kind of sawdust, the moisture content must be  kept within a range (preferably between 14% and 20%). It is too dry to  form, and the moisture is large and easy to loosen.

Material's own adhesion
The raw materials themselves must have adhesive strength. If not, then the product pressed by the wood pellet mill is either not shaped or loose and easily broken. Therefore, if you see particles that are not adhesive in nature but  can be pressed into granules or pieces, the ingredients must be moved by  hand, or be fermented or added with an adhesive or the like.

Add adhesive
The  use of pure sawdust for the production of sawdust pellets is not  necessary, since it is a crude fiber raw material with inherent  adhesiveness. After the compression of wood chips, it will naturally form and it will be very solid. The pellet machine pressure is very large.

Can different types of wood chips be doped?
It is said that pure wood chips are not used to dope other types of sawdust. All  kinds of wood sawdust, sawdust, mahogany, and poplar can all be used.  Abandoned scraps from furniture factories can also be used. More broadly speaking, such as crop stalks, peanut shells, these  things can be used as raw materials for wood pellet mills. Of course,  the pellets produced cannot be called wood pellets but straw pellets.

The size of raw materials after smashing
Sawdust,  branches and other raw materials must be crushed by a crusher to  granulate. The size of the crushing should be determined according to  the size of the expected particle diameter and the size of the particle  machine mold. Too large and small smash will affect the output and even cause no discharge.

How to do raw material mildew?
The  raw materials are mildewed and the color turns black. The cellulose in  the wood chips is decomposed by microorganisms and cannot be pressed  into qualified granules. If  non-use is not allowed, it is recommended to add more than 50% of fresh  wood chips raw materials mixed, otherwise it can not be pressed into  qualified granules.

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