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History And Development Of Fixed Biomass Pellet Machine
Dec 29, 2018

China is a large agricultural country with relatively large agricultural and forestry waste such as crop straw and wood, rich in biomass resources and large reserves. With the gradual emphasis on ecological and environmental protection by the state and society, and the strong support for the circular economy, eco-energy will become more and more popular. 

With the implementation of the new environmental protection law, regulatory measures have been taken for the burning of agricultural and forestry straws, and there is no place for the allocation of agricultural and forestry waste. Biomass pellet machine equipment came into being, which not only solved this problem, but also made great contributions to the country's environmental protection cause. The biomass pellet machine mainly uses wastes such as straw, rice husk, hibiscus, bark and leaves produced by agriculture and forestry, and is processed into biomass fuel by pretreatment. The processed fuel has high calorific value, low cost and after combustion. It has the advantages of less pollution and convenient transportation. It has partially replaced the use of traditional minerals such as coal. It has been gradually promoted in China in recent years and has now entered a period of vigorous development. 

The research work of the domestic biomass pelletmill started relatively late, initially evolved mainly from the feed ring molding machine, mainly adopting the horizontal ring mold structure, and adapting the improvement according to the molding characteristics of the biomass pellets and the molding pressure requirements. With the development of the industry, innovations and improvements, products are constantly updated, and many companies still use the ring model granulator structure, still can see the elements of the feed granulator.

In addition to the extension development on the basis of feed ring die pelletmill, China's pellet machine industry also adopts the development model of foreign technology introduction, digestion and absorption and re-innovation. In the 1960s, the first pelletmill was introduced from UMT in the UK. Through digestion, the first ring-shaped pellet machine in China was developed in the 1970s. Afterwards, with the development of the pellet industry, some domestic research institutes and universities have also actively participated in the design, development and improvement of the ring die pellet machine, and the mechanical properties and adaptability of the biomass pellet have been continuously upgraded.

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