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Gain insight into biomass energy development and future planning
Feb 06, 2018

Foreign  biomass heating is common, heating of northern European biomass has  become a major source of heat in small and medium-sized regions. According  to the statistics, the biomass pellet heat supply accounts for 42% of the  total energy consumption of heating energy in Northern Europe, which is  the absolute main force of urban heating. Denmark  consumes more than 60% of the country's energy consumption, while 72.8%  of the urban district heating comes from biomass cogeneration and 670  biomass cogeneration projects provide heat to 60% of households. The biomass energy heating in Sweden accounts for 70% of the total  heating energy consumption and the biomass fuel per capita consumes  about 270 kg, ranking the first in the world. The heating of biomass  boilers is relatively developed.

    Biomass  heating mainly includes biomass cogeneration and biomass boiler  heating, flexible layout, wide range of application, suitable for urban  civil heating and heating and replacing small and medium-sized  industrial coal-fired oil-fired boilers. China's crop stalks and agricultural products processing residues,  forestry residues and other biomass resources are rich, annual energy  utilization of about 400 million tons of standard coal, the development  of biomass heating has better resource conditions.

   Biomass  heating local collection of raw materials, local processing and  conversion, the recent consumption, the construction of urban  distribution of clean heating system, not only reduces rural open  burning straw, but also provide clean heat, promote biomass  transformation and upgrading. China's small and medium-sized coal-fired heating boilers, cleaning replacement heavier. Biomass heating in the terminal consumption directly substitute for coal, there is more room for development.

   The  development of biomass heat supply is still in its infancy, imperfect  market cultivation, industrial system is not perfect, policy support is  not enough. In  order to effectively control the coal pollution in rural areas and  provide clean heat supply for the new urbanization, we should increase  support to speed up the industrialization of biomass heat supply, form a  clean heating capacity, and replace large-scale coal-fired heat supply  in the county .

   From  the history of clean heating in the cities and towns of the Nordic  countries, it is worth learning from China that biomass should be used  instead of coal to implement "double substitution" of fuel substitution  and electricity substitution to transform small and medium-sized  coal-fired power plants into biomass cogeneration.

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