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Classfication Of Pelletmill
Dec 31, 2018

In the international and domestic markets, the biomass pelletmill power drive is generally completed by a motor. The equipment is mainly fixed. According to the power drive and working mode, it can be divided into a fixed pelletmill and a mobile pelletmill. Can be subdivided into traction and self-propelled.

The fixed pelletmill has a relatively fixed working position, and the pelleting operation is generally completed in the factory. The high-efficiency pelletmill unit is often equipped with a system of chopping, conveying, dust removal, cooling and packaging, and runs in a production line mode. The power source is generally a motor, and motors of different powers are selected according to the efficiency of the production line or equipment.

At present, the pelletmills in the international and domestic markets are mainly fixed. The products of various manufacturers differ in terms of core work component structure, machine technology route, product work efficiency design, etc. The reliability of similar products is quite different at home and abroad. The service life of domestic ring die and roller is relatively short. It needs to be replaced after working about 1000 tons (some manufacturers need to replace it after working about 500 tons), frequency of repair and replacement which causes high cost.

In order to realize the field harvesting and granulation of straw, feed and other materials, reduce the cost of storage, transportation and transportation, and improve work efficiency, some research institutions and universities in the industry have begun to innovate and develop mobile pelletmill products, which have realized the picking and chopping of straw. , pelleting, cooling and warehousing integration.

The mobile pelletmill is an innovative improvement to the fixed pelletmill. The power source is generally a diesel engine. The walking mode is self-propelled and traction. The self-propelled power comes from the engine itself, the working parts and the walking are all completed by the engine, and the functional components of the whole machine are matched and designed; the traction type is generally completed by the tractor, and the power is generally derived from the power output of the tractor.

At present, the domestic self-propelled mobile pelletmill is temporarily in the research stage. Some manufacturers began to try to develop and test the traction mobile pelletmill or briquetting machine, and research and explore the matching aspect of each system.

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