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China Biomass Pellet Conference Will Be Held In Hangzhou In June 28th
Nov 09, 2018

The China (International) Conference of Suppliers of Biomass Pellet Fuel and Equipment, co-sponsored by and China Biomass Particle Trading Network ( and several well-known exhibitions and media in the industry, will be held in the Yuewang Hall, Xianghu Post Hotel, Hangzhou from June 28 to 29.

Participants composition

This grand meeting will gather: biomass raw material suppliers, biomass granule factories, grain import and export trade enterprises, grain purchasers, biomass waste storage and transportation equipment suppliers, biomass shaping and supporting equipment suppliers, thermal power equipment enterprises, thermal power project operators, testing and certification agencies, investment institutions. Technical experts and scholars, industrial parks, local government organs, policy makers, researchers and other elites of the biomass energy industry gather together to look forward to the future of industrial development.


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