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Benefit Of Biomass Pellet
Jan 05, 2019

The biomass pellet machine is a new type of environmentally friendly equipment. The advantages of biofuels produced are very obvious. Biofuels produced by biomass pelletizers have three advantages. First of all, from the aspect of environmental protection, biomass pellet fuel contains sulfur, nitrogen which contains low ash. It meets the clean fuel index. It can meet the national environmental protection requirements without any measures when burning, and the biomass pellets are agricultural waste as raw materials. There will be no pollution such as “three wastes” in the process. It is the mainstream fuel in the future.

Secondly, the current fossil energy is increasingly scarce and the price is relatively high. Biomass energy is a new type of energy. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, low price and reliability. The use of bio-energy instead of natural gas and fuel oil can achieve energy-saving benefits.

Finally, the state has introduced a series of subsidies, subsidies and other preferential policies for the use of clean energy, energy conservation and emission reduction. It is hoped that by vigorously promoting the use of biomass energy to suppress air warming and the global economy will become cold.

Biomass pellet fuel has high calorific value and no pollution. Compared with coal and oil, it is very economical and the saved funds can be reinvested to promote economic prosperity. The ash after combustion of pellet fuel, because it is processed by biomass material, can be used directly as the most lunar fertilizer, and can also be mixed with other organic fertilizers to help agricultural development.

Biomass pelletizers use a variety of biomass waste as raw materials for production. For China with low resource storage, it is very worthy of promotion. Moreover, the recycling of waste has also reduced the land occupation and maintained the appearance of the city. For environmental protection, resource regeneration, and the development of new energy sources, there are many benefits! The extensive use of particulate fuel can reduce the development and use of coal resources, the exploitation of petroleum resources, and reduce the dependence on energy imports. It also helps a lot in China's economic independence.

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