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Notice before pellet mill going to debugging
Dec 21, 2017

Machine installed, some tips and notice should be warned :

1 .Check whether each part fasteners and reliable, especially indoors.

2 .According to the lubrication chart to add lubricating oil, the grease inside roller can filling after driving.

3. Check appropriate die roll gap adjustment.

4. Check the crushing chamber and twisted dragon, if there is a foreign body conditioning implement cylinder body.

5. To start the host and check ring die to right (clockwise), the machine have any abnormal phenomena.

6. Inspection trip switch, push switch contacts with the hand, main motor should be able to power outages.

7. Host to start the twenty minutes, check each part fasteners for the loose after parking, check whether there is any leakage on the seal and other anomalies.

8 .Respectively, to start the feed motor and conditioning, idle running check handedness and the presence of noise, the bin with material discharging door should be shut down first and then start the feeding motor, when to start the feed motor, should be first to start the motor speed regulation asynchronous motor, and then turn on the controller power, indicator, adjust the speed control button, this time the scene control on Hertz number increasing, according to the need to speed can be adjustable to a certain numerical stability.

9. Reran the host, use a small amount of oily materials (with waste oil mixing) testing, pressure testing can be material from observation of the feeding chute door feeding, feeding to uniform, until most die out the grain.

10 .Each part of the machine commissioning normal before formal production, any step of abnormal, should be ruled out at any time. Don't make the granulator without material carries on, such easy to cause the ring die and roller surface contact too much wear and tear.

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