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95% Of The Czech Wood Pellets Is Exported To Other European Countries
Apr 29, 2018


Nowadays, there is a tendency of rapid growth in the use of biomass for energy purposes in the European countries. The Czech Republic does not lag behind other Western countries. So, in 2016 the production of wood pellets exceeded 300 thousand tons, which is higher by 23% compared to the previous year. In the same year, the number of installed solid fuel boilers in Czech households reached 25,000. 

尽管国内木屑颗粒消费市场的增长和发展,但捷克共和国的生产商仍专注于国外市场。 捷克共和国一些领先的木屑颗粒生产商计划在2017-2018年期间将木屑颗粒的产量增加50%,目的是为捷克国内固体燃料市场提供优质产品。

Despite the growth and development of the domestic market for consumption of wood pellets , production in the Czech Republic is still focused on foreign markets. Some leading manufacturers of wood pellets in the Czech Republic plan to increase the production of wood pellets by 50% in the period from 2017 to 2018 with the aim of providing a quality product for the Czech domestic solid fuel market.


Quality standards for wood pellets in the Czech Republic

至于木屑颗粒的质量,在捷克共和国生产约四分之三的木屑颗粒符合ENplus认证标准。ENplus认证系统基于欧洲标准EN 14961-2,从2015年开始,其基于国际标准ISO 17225-2。认证意味着更高的质量,但不是更高的价格。同时,生产商和经销商不承担任何额外费用。消费者有机会在参与竞争的生产商之间进行选择,以保证木屑颗粒的质量。

As for the quality of wood pellets, there are about 3/4 of all pellets  produced in accordance with ENplus in the Czech Republic. The ENplus system is based on the European standard EN 14961-2 and from 2015 it is on the basis of the international standard ISO 17225-2. Certification means higher quality, but not a higher price. At the same time, manufacturers and dealers do not bear any additional costs. And consumers have the opportunity to choose between competing producers, which guarantee the same quality of wood pellets.


Export of wood pellets from Czech Republic: opportunities and problems


The development of the domestic market of wood pellets directly depends on their cost. The price of wood pellets does not withstand competition with German wood pellets, fuelwood and coal. Thus, the Czech companies producing wood pellets account for up to 95% of the production to be exported to other European countries. 

值得一提的是,乌克兰木屑颗粒出口欧洲的关键是通过捷克共和国。据乌克兰生物燃料门户网站的首席分析师Sergey Kozlov称,近年来,乌克兰木屑颗粒出货量中有15-16%流入捷克共和国。

It is important to note that a significant part of the Ukrainian briquette export to Europe goes through the Czech Republic. According to the leading analyst of Ukrainian Biofuel Portal Sergey Kozlov, in recent years, 15-16% of the shipments of wood briquettes from Ukraine fall to the Czech Republic.


The Officials have delayed the environmental tax on coal, which makes it a priority for heating purposes in comparison with wood pellets. Also, gas subsidies are a stumbling block for the introduction of clean heating in the Czech Republic.


Perspectives for the development of the domestic market of Czech wood pellets


Since January 1, 2005, the Czech Ministry of Environmental Protection subsidizes individuals who have installed and use boilers on wood pellets or other renewable energy sources. The program will work until the final disbursement of the fund, which provides grants. The grant for installed solid fuel boilers is up to 50,000 CZK or 50% of the investment costs.


Modern technologies and production facilities in the Czech Republic allow the supply of high-quality biomass fuels to the market. A build-up of production capacity and the creation of a plant raw material base for biofuel, will create new jobs in the country. The development of the domestic market of wood pellets will reduce the dependence of the Czech economy on land-based coal mines and natural gas, compensate for the deficit of non-renewable energy sources, and also reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. 


The growth in production, as well as the domestic market for consumption of wood pellets, has a huge potential for further development of the country. In turn, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic actively promote the development of biomass, creating support mechanisms and programs for research and development of technologies for the production of environmentally friendly fuels.

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