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4 Sets Of 420 Wood Pellet Is In Installation And Degugging
Feb 28, 2018

Recently, we are busy in installing and debugging in Chibi ,Hubei for 4 sets of 420 wood pellet production line . Just finished testing the pellet production line in  Gansu and recently installed 4 sets of 420 sawdust pellet machines  at Chibi, Hubei.

     Hubei Chibi customers  in the choice of equipment fully recognized Kingwood and  technical team to give a good pre-sale service. Kingwood's technical team first conducted a raw material  analysis, the customer raw materials are wood chips, wood chips in large  debris and water, in order to produce successful pellet, must be  added to the production line screening machine, grinder and drying Machine,  the wood chips become more small, and have a reasonable moisture, so  that thepellet produced will be of good quality.




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