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2019 Happy New Year!
Jan 01, 2019

To ring out the old year and ring in the new year, Mr. He Qiang, founder, chairman and CEO of Kingwood Industrial Co., Ltd., delivers a New Year message with the title of "Keeping the Heart, Welcoming the New Spring" to all the friends of the company, all the partners and family members, and expresses his heartfelt thanks and the most cordial greetings!


Since the birth of the small-scale feed and spare parts processing plant in the middle of the reform and opening up in the 1990s, Kingwood has officially entered the biomass clean energy equipment industry in 2009 and successfully launched the new three boards. It has undergone 10 years of industrial upgrading and development and grown up after 20 years of development. Nowadays, we have become a leader in China's biomass molding equipment suppliers, and an excellent service provider in the field of biomass clean energy integrated services. This is reflection of all the Kindwood people who are creative, responsible, courageous and preservable.


Looking back on the upcoming 2018, Kingwood has always adhered to the down-to-earth, sincere enthusiasm, pioneering and innovative work style, and the output value has increased steadily, approaching 100 million yuan. At the beginning of the year, the industrial policy was unclear, and the demand in the middle of the year has soared. Urgently and pragmatically implement the infrastructure construction, continuously demonstrate the testing and setting of the pellet machine products, put forward the high standard requirements of dust-free and intelligent for the complete production line, strictly control the quality of after-sales service, and all around the concept of providing quality service. , to provide a solid backing for friends who are interested in the dream of the biomass energy industry; 
The past 2018 is an important year in the history of China's biomass energy development. It is also a year of full harvest of the company. The company has successively won the Asia Pacific Biomass Energy Exhibition Gold Enterprise, China New Energy Network Chief Partner, Anhui The ten comprehensive supporting units for straw comprehensive utilization, the advocates of China's rural clean heating plan, the vice chairman unit of China Furnace Network, the vice president unit of International Bamboo and Rattan Center, and the deputy director unit of China Biomass Industry Alliance, etc.;
Opportunities and challenges coexist, hopes and difficulties are in the same place; but opportunities are more than challenges, and difficulties can be overcome. Comrade Xi Jinping said that happiness is a struggle! In the new 2019, Kingwood shares will not forget the initial intention, and insist on solidly promoting the three major business segments of biomass molding equipment industry, biomass boiler manufacturing and application industry, and biomass pellet fuel trading industry.
China's clean energy industry is working hard! Strive for a steady stream of renewable and clean energy in China and the world!


Year 2019, let us adhere to the original heart, firm confidence, hand in hand, to meet the new spring!
I wish you a happy New Year and a happy family!
Wish China's biomass clean energy industry vigorous development and prosperity!
Wish our great motherland prosperity and security!

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