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Skirt Belt Conveyor

Skirt Belt Conveyor

Introduction Skirt belt conveyor is used for continuous conveying of bulk materials. With wavy block and diaphragm plate conveyor, belt inclination is within the range of 0-90 °, we usually have skirt belt conveyor with belt inclination is 50 ° or 45 °. The machine is a continuous transport...
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Skirt belt conveyor is used for continuous conveying of bulk materials. With wavy block and diaphragm plate conveyor, belt inclination is within the range of 0-90 °, we usually have skirt belt conveyor with belt inclination is 50 ° or 45 °. The machine is a continuous transport equipment with belt as the traction bearing mechanism, which is widely used for bulk material transportation in grain, feed, biomass energy and other industries and departments.



1. Material can be transported at a large inclination, which can save a large amount of equipment occupied area and completely solve the conveying inclination that cannot be achieved by ordinary or ribbed belt conveyor.

2. Compared with common belt conveyor, bucket elevator and scraper conveyor, this machine has convenient and flexible technology layout and superior comprehensive performance. It has large conveying capacity and high vertical lifting height.

3. It can smoothly transit from horizontal to inclined (or vertical) platform.

4. The total investment is of low expense, low energy consumption, simple structure and easy maintenance.

5. It has high strength tape and long service life.

6. The machine can be used in the work environment whose temperature is from -15 ℃ to 40 ℃ to delivery various bulk materials and granular materials whose mass density of the scope is 0.5 ~ 2.5t/m³.

7. It has special requirements for the conveyance of materials, such as high temperature, acid, or oil substances or organic solvents and other components of the object which needs to use a special conveyor belt.


Technical Parameters




The equipment is mainly composed of head, tail, middle section, corner section, head wheel, tail wheel, bend wheel, idler set, actuating device, sweeper and belt, etc.

(1) Idler Set

The idlers are divided into top idlers and lower idlers.The top idler is galvanized with carbon steel. The inner tooth shaft is fixed in a way of flexible rotation, durability and large bearing capacity. The lower idler is a roller with shaft and the outer ring is a wear-resisting material.

(2) Actuating device

The actuating device consists of motor reducer, sprocket, chain and shield.  

(3) Sweeper

The sweeper is installed at the end of the conveyor,and it cleans the material on the non-working surface of the conveyor with rubber scrapers.

(4) conveyor belt

The conveyor belt adopts the wavy block conveyor belt, which can effectively improve the conveying height of the belt conveyor.


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