Which one is better compared with flat die and ring die pellet mil machine
Mar 31, 2018

1. Discharging method

Ring die: high speed, high breakage rate when the material is discharged.

Flat die: low speed, low breakage rate.

2.Charging method

Ring die: The use of mechanically forced feed, high speed rotation  centrifugal distribution into the pellet chamber, through the  scraper to distribute the material, feeding uneven.

Flat mold: It can enter the pressing chamber vertically by its own weight, and can feed it evenly.

3, Pressure

In  the template with the same diameter, the diameter of the ring mold  roller is limited by the diameter of the ring die plate, and the  pressure is not adjustable. When  pressing coarse fiber materials such as sawdust and peanut skin, it is  difficult to form under the pressure of the machine design. Even if the  molding is overloaded, the machine wear is very large. The template  pressure roller needs to be replaced in time, and the template can only  be used once. Great.

The  flat die pellet mill machine adopts three conical pressure rollers with  complete steel structure. There are large shafts in the middle, and a  special heat-treated template is installed below. The template rotates  to drive the three pressure rollers above to rotate, the pressure is  adjustable, and the output is stable. Density, and the template can be used on both sides. In addition, the diameter of the flat mold roller is not limited by  the diameter of the platen, the inner shaft space can be increased, and  the large bearing can be used to enhance the bearing capacity of the  pressure roller, which can increase the pressing force of the pressure  roller and prolong the service life.

4, The adjustment of pressure roller

Ring die: Use the two screws on the eccentric in the middle of the press roller to adjust the pressure.

Flat mold: The threaded thread center adjustment mechanism, top force 100 tons, a smooth drop, gentle touch, uniform pressure.

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