What is biomass pellet fuel
Mar 24, 2018

Biomass  fuel (English: Biomass fuel, abbreviated as "BMF") is a kind of  agricultural and forestry waste (such as straw, sawdust, bagasse, rice  bran, etc.) used as raw materials, and is crushed, dried, extruded, etc.  It is a new type of clean green fuel that can be molded in various  shapes (eg, granular) and can be directly burned in a biomass burning  machine or in various biomass boilers.

The  development and utilization of biomass pellet fuels originated in  Europe. With the continuous development of this industry, people have  paid more attention to it. China began to introduce technology from this  century, and gradually mastered its production technology. The shaped  fuel production equipment has been basically domesticated. Its main production technical indicators have reached the level of national standards. With the limited useful life of fossil (oil, coal, etc.) resources,  biomass energy as a new energy - an inevitable choice in the post-oil  era.

Biomass  pellet fuels - green, environmentally friendly, high-quality fuels have  been used in a variety of industries as a new commodity energy source. Moreover,  because of its high density, high calorific value, regular shape, and  good fluidity, it is convenient to achieve automatic combustion control.  Through dedicated combustion equipment, it can easily retrofit existing  industrial boilers, especially biomass pellets. The replacement of boilers for fuel (gas) replacement can save the company a large amount of energy costs.

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