The selection, use and maintenance of die for the Ring Mould granule machine
Dec 21, 2017

Through the characteristics of the ring module, we can see that there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a ring mode. But in the actual work, usually a number of factors are already designed, such as the ring mode installation, ring die line speed and the work area of the ring mold, this is in the purchase of granular machine has been decided, generally will not change. Other factors can be selected by the professional ring mold manufacturers to ensure that, such as the ring mold materials, heat treatment strength and wear resistance, mold hole opening rate and roughness, these factors, professional ring mold manufacturers are usually able to achieve the best performance requirements, As long as users do not covet cheap purchase without technology and equipment to ensure the production of the ring mold on it. For example, mold hole processing and heat treatment quality to rely on specialized gun drilling and vacuum heat treatment equipment to ensure that ordinary drilling and heat treatment methods difficult to produce high-quality ring mold.

At present, in the Feed factory, how to choose the suitable mode hole form and the ring modulus compression ratio according to the Feed variety and formula. In general, the straight and release ladder-shaped holes are suitable for the processing of feed, the outer cone hole is suitable for the processing of defatted bran and other high fiber feed;

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