The bright prospect of biomass-shaped fuel heating
Dec 21, 2017

According to reports, China's biomass heating industry in the national policy of strong support, is entering a steady development of the fast lane. 2016 Biomass briquette production in 10 million tons, engaged in biomass industry enterprises close to more than 1000. Now biomass molding pellet production equipment has achieved large-scale, high-yield, intelligent, and biomass boiler manufacturing enterprises also developed rapidly, many large domestic coal-fired boiler manufacturing enterprises have been transformed into the development of material-forming fuel boilers.

In the industrial application aspect, our country biomass heat supply operation service can be close to the natural gas emission in the good economy at present. Participating industry representatives, Jilin Hongyuan New Energy Co., Ltd. said that for all types of industrial users, in the absence of subsidies, they can complete the replacement of fossil fuels, in the residential heating market, biomass heating is more inclined to urban heating, through the way of cogeneration can greatly improve the efficiency of energy use To improve the existing energy structure.

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