Suggestions in sawdust pellet mill using
Apr 06, 2018

Many  users encountered such problems in the process of using wood sawdust pellet mill.  The factory's staff analyzed that most of them were not the quality  problems of wood pellets, but were caused by improper operation of the  operators. Unreasonable operational shipping fees It  is difficult to guarantee the production efficiency of the wood pellet  machine, and the failure rate of the equipment is also relatively high,  the service life is short, and the maintenance cost is also relatively  high. To help the consumers to better produce and reduce the cost, the  factory's staff share some The  use of wood pellets machine tips. First of all, to ensure the  uniformity of feeding, so that it can ensure that the smooth operation,  to maintain stable high-speed operation, followed by the physical and  production requirements to select the appropriate orifice diameter, some  users because the orifice Too  small a diameter results in a clogging problem. In addition, the gap  between the die plate and the pressure roller is adjusted so that an  appropriate pressure will be generated to ensure the degree of aging of  the particles and a better compactness will be obtained. Many operators  often do not use it during use. Pay  attention to the cleaning of the sawdust pellet machine. This speeds up  the aging of this equipment, so our operators need to regularly enter  the equipment. Clean. In addition to cleaning, lubrication and other maintenance work needs in a timely manner.

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