Maintenance of Ring Mould
Dec 21, 2017

A reasonable maintenance of the ring mold is one of the necessary measures to ensure that the ring mold can work properly and prolong its service life.

In peacetime work should pay attention to do the following:

① When the need to replace the ring mold, should be non-corrosive oil to the original feed extrusion, in order to use the material smoothly, and to prevent mold hole corrosion. After using a certain time, the ring mould should check periodically whether there is a local protruding part in the inner surface of the annular mold.

② And check the mold hole guide material whether there is grinding, sealing or varus phenomenon, if there is, the use of polishing machine or other tools to the work of the ring mold protruding part of the surface grinding, and then the guide to the mouth of the chamfer, the ring mold to carry out the necessary repair, To prolong the service life of the ring die. Repair should pay attention to the inner surface of the ring mold should be higher than the bottom of the trough 2mm, and repair still have the eccentric shaft adjustment allowance, otherwise the ring die should be scrapped.

③ If most die holes are blocked by material, can be used to soak oil or cooking with oil to soften the material, and then to make the granulation, if still can not be granulation, you can use an electric drill to plug the mold hole after the material drilled, and then use oily material with fine sand grinding.

④ Ring mold must be stored in a dry, clean place, and do a good job specification identification, if stored in a humid place, it may cause corrosion of the ring mold, thereby reducing the life of the ring die or affect the effect of the material.

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