How to turn on biomass pellet fuel sales
Nov 10, 2018

At present, the marketing of biomass pellet fuel is a fatal problem faced by most small and medium-sized factories. So how can we help start small and medium-sized factories to open up their markets and expand their production capacity? The gate of granular fuel sales!

First: let's first understand what equipment can be used for biomass pellet fuel.

1: biomass boiler @ coal fired boiler

2: combustion engine

3: steam generator

4: hot stove

5: a fireplace

6: heating stove

Second: the sale of biomass pellet fuel?

1: The most clumsy and quickest way is to contact the salesman of the above equipment manufacturers directly and let them help introduce the customers who are using the above equipment, provided that the introduction is paid, it is not advantageous to start early! Or find a relationship through the local environmental protection bureau, quality and Technical Supervision Bureau to get the list of users of biomass boilers, burners and so on. Again, think about where boilers are used, most of them now use biomass pellet fuel. What factories are using boilers?

For example: pharmaceutical factories, food factories, beverage factories, garment factories, chemical factories, power plants, flour factories, school baths, bathing centers, washing factories, rubber factories, paper mills, and so on, as much as cattle hair, as long as the production and manufacturing enterprises will generally use boilers, boilers can be used to humidify heating, as power, high temperature disinfection and so on.

2: That is to promote, recruit some employees who understand network optimization or e-commerce, mainly high-level network promotion and publicity, first of all, the fame will go out naturally, there will be customers to visit.

3: how do self-employed individuals do? Then you will find a factory with a larger scale of peers and become such a good salesman under the name of a regular army. As the saying goes, it's better to enjoy the cool under a big tree! uuuuuuuuu

4: Contact more good salesmen in the same industry and have a good relationship with him. If the price is lower, the salesmen will naturally transfer goods from you. You regard all the salesmen who can help you sell goods as their own salesmen, and they are free. Slowly, your sales will go up! uuuuuuuuu

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