How to maintain the wood pellet machine
Mar 29, 2018

1.  The ring die should be placed in ventilated and dry  place frequently. If it is stored in damp place, it would result in erode. And the sawdust in the ring die will absorb and retain moisture thenspeed  up the corrosion process to reduce die life and lead to slow production.

2, After the end of a wood pellet machine operation, whether wood  pellets machine is stopped at night or change the ring die, it must be  filled with oil particles

3, When the ring die is stored more than six months, the oil within  needs to be replaced, too long storage period will make the oil  hardening and difficult to remove, which has a negative impact on the  use of the mold.

4. If you need to remove the rollers and ring die for storage during work, you need to clean up the internal pellets. The pellets left in the press rolls can accelerate corrosion in the press  mold holes and constitute damage due to  that the press molds  cannot be washed out during production.

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