How to ensure the formation rate of wood pellet mill machine?
Mar 17, 2018

The higher the molding rate of pellet machines, the higher the qualification rate and the more profits they can create. Therefore, the user is pursuing a high molding rate when using wood pellet mill. How to ensure the formation rate of pellet mill machine?

1.  Use soft wood  as raw materials as possible to make pellets. Many  soft wood are easier to press and can effectively improve the  molding rate.
2. The best raw material for pressing wood  pellets is between 15% and 20% moisture. If the moisture content is too  high, the pressed granules are loose and are easily broken up during  packing and transportation. If the water content is too low, it will  cause granules. Difficult to press, particle molding rate is low, too much powder material.
Therefore,  it is recommended that you reduce the moisture of the material by  drying or drying, and increase the moisture of the material by adding  moisture. In the shaping process of the wood  , the increase of the pellet molding rate can save a large amount  of raw materials, reduce the production cost, and increase the profit  of the users. At the same time, in the operation must strictly follow the operating procedures to reduce errors.

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