How many pellets can be produced with 1 ton of sawdust
Apr 06, 2018

The amount of  pellets that can be produced from one ton of sawdust depends on the  moisture content of the sawdust. The moisture content of the finished  pellets is below 10%. The water consumed during the pellet process  is mainly water, and the other losses are very small.

 Before  entering pellet mills, sawdust requires water content below 15%. Take  15% as an example. One ton of sawdust containing 15% moisture  contains 0.15 tons of water. After pressing into pellets, it becomes  10%. Calculate about 5%. (Roughly calculated), 950kg left.

So a ton of dry (15% moisture) swdust out of 0.9 tons of pellet is no problem.
Of  course, if your sawdust has 30% moisture, it will be less, and you will  need to add a dryer to use it. The cost is also high, so the fact that  you receive good ingredients is fundamental to making money.
 Some  customers have a lot of dust on the production site. In fact, this gray  is really dust relative to hundreds of tons of raw materials.

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