How can we increase the output of granulator?
Nov 07, 2018

 How can we increase the output of granulator? 

First of all? In order to improve the output, we must check the equipment. Only if the equipment is not in trouble, the normal use will not delay the production and affect the output of the granulator, so the selection of the equipment is crucial.

Secondly, in the process of production, we must strictly follow the standards to produce pellet fuel, from the screening of raw materials to crushing, then crushing to drying, the raw materials can be dried granulation, each link must strictly implement the standards, in order to produce high-yield pellet fuel, crushing is not good, the particles will be. It will be relatively coarse, and the moisture content of the drying can not reach, and the granulation will not work well, which will affect the output of production.

Finally, we must take good care of the equipment, regular maintenance, and maintenance, equipment maintenance is good, there will be no mistakes in the process of production, can complete production.

Above is the method of increasing the output of granulator introduced by our factory. If you don't know anything about it, we welcome your inquiry.

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