Factors affecting the life of biomass pellet mill machine
Mar 28, 2018

Biomass pellet  machines use  straw pellets or sawdust as raw materials which are  compressed to form pellet fuels. Here we  introduce the factors that affect the life of biomass pellet mill machine .

The  moisture of the material is too low, the hardness of the processed  product is too strong, the power consumption of the equipment during the  processing is large, the production cost of the enterprise is  increased, and the service life of the pellet machine is  reduced.
Excessive moisture is not easy to  crush, increasing the number of impacts of the hammer. At the same time,  heat is generated due to the friction of the material and the blow of  the hammer, so that the moisture in the processed product evaporates.  The evaporated moisture and the crushed fine powder form a paste and  block the screen. Holes reduce the size of the biomass pelletizer. Generally,  the moisture content of the crushed products of raw materials such as  cereals, corn stalks, etc. is controlled to be below 14%.

At the end of grinding peocess ,a little wheat husk is mixed with edible  oil and then put into the machine. After pressing for 1-2 minutes, the mold  hole in the biomass pellet machine is filled with oil, so that the next  time the machine can be started, it can be fed and produced. Maintain molds and save man hours. After the biomass pelletizer shuts down, loosen the pressure roller adjustment screw and remove the residual material.

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