Considerations for Granulating Machine
Dec 21, 2017

I. Matters needing attention

1. Granulation machine to operate;

2. Granulator prohibit the air machine without load operation, must be a heat engine feeding operation, so as to avoid the phenomenon of sticky bar (hold axis).

3. Granulation machine feeding mouth, put the air hole is strictly prohibited to enter iron and other debris. Lest cause unnecessary accident, affect safe normal production.

II. Matters needing attention in the process of granulating machine

1. At any time to pay attention to the body temperature changes, with clean hands to touch the Zhanshou, should immediately heating up. Until the COP Zhanshou to normal.

2. Reducer bearing parts burning hands, or accompanied by noise should be stopped in time to repair, and add refueling.

3. Host bearing room at both ends of the bearing parts of the burning hand or a murmur, to stop maintenance and add butter. Normal work, bearing room every 5-6 days

Add butter once.

4. Pay attention to the operation of the machine, such as: the temperature, speed, according to the situation, timely treatment.

5. The fuselage is not stable, should pay attention to check the coupling of the gap is too tight, in time to loosen some.

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